martedì 4 gennaio 2011

Bio Mio

Rooted in a no-fail concept of organics and inventive recipes, Bio Mio gives their food (and patrons) serious personal treatment. Diners sit in rows of tables in a minimal room where the open kitchen allows all to watch as the chefs handle their impeccably fresh ingredients.

Reeling in a young crowd, Bio Mio has created a waiter-free environment complete with an inventive ordering system where diners select their meals with the help of mood-based iconography (“Winter Ease,” “After Shopping Relief,” “Macho,” “Energy Booster,” etc.).

The simple lexicon spins out quality dishes like balsamic-baked beet root with quinoa and taro root chips, smoked halibut and roasted vegetables atop toasted fresh bread with horseradish cream and crispy potatoes with fried chorizo and mushrooms on a green salad.@


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