martedì 4 gennaio 2011

Agnes Cupcake

The Danes love their sweet things. Croissants, cakes, caramels; the city is a temptation for a sweet tooth’s desire. And now the cupcake, an old-fashioned treat that generations of Americans have enjoyed, is on the menu.

Agnes Cupcakes is the first of its kind in Copenhagen, a following of the food trend made famous by New Yorkers. The key to a perfect cupcake, according to owner Kristian Vangsgaard, is the right ingredients, though theirs is a recipe guarded as secretively as the Colonel’s spices.

Agnes Cupcakes are a small indulgence of buttercream frosting that is sinfully delicious. A moist morsel of a soft crumb golden cake. Each cupcake is delectable and the variety of flavours will tantalise your taste buds. Persian pistachio with orange flower frosting. Chai spiced tea cake topped with chai buttered cream. Sweet liquorice cake with a fudge glaze.


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